We aim to deliver high quality, science-based aesthetic solutions and experiences. We only use products supplied by the Allergan Company (Botox, Juvederm). We offer comprehensive, multimodal approach to develop aesthetic treatment plans tailored to individual patient needs and designed to produce a natural look!

Why do we get wrinkles?
As time goes by, the movement of our facial muscles can create noticeable lines and wrinkles. Nature sometimes will need a helping hand to help delay the onset or development of these lines. And that’s when we can help.

What products are we using and are they safe?
We only use products produced by Allergan, one of the largest pharmaceutical company in the USA. Botox and fillers are used to soften lines and hence restoring youthfulness. These products have been used in the medical and cosmetics field for over 30 years without any known long term problems. Long term usage will not cause faces to droop or become unnatural if clients decide to stop usage anytime.

How come a dentist is doing facial aesthetics?
Botox and fillers are routinely performed by dentists in the UK instead of doctors. Dentists give more injections than any other healthcare profession and so have excellent techniques for ensuring the procedure is comfortable.

What areas can be botox-ed or filled?
Botox can help soften lines around the forehead, frown, crows feet and the mouth. Botox can also effectively reduce teeth grinding, some headaches and some migranes. This product can also reduce the production of sweat on the palms and armpit areas which can be quite unsociable especially under our hot hot Singapore sun.

Fillers can be used to pump lines, reshape nose and restore volume in the cheek and mouth.

Is it painful?
Usually for botox, there is no need for local anaesthetics to be used. For fillers, some areas will involve the application of anaesthetics cream and in more sensitive areas like the mouth local anaesthetics injection can be given to help reduce any discomfort.

Costs and credentials?
Our competitive pricing tagged with our years of experience in facial augmentation makes our dental group one of the very few in Singapore that can truly provide an enhancement from eithin the mouth and beyond – A one stop shop for a total smile and facial makeover. Before and after photos of our works are displayed in our clinics for your perusal.

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