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Removable Implant Overdenture 

An affordable solution to regain oral function and smile confidently

The Dental Solution For Your Teeth

If you are suffering from missing teeth and are unable to enjoy food due to reduced biting power of conventional denture use this time to reinvest in your oral health.

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Implant Overdentures For You

A dental implant replaces both the naturally lost tooth and its root. It is also used to stabilize or provide a more secure fit for a denture. Implant overdenture works for both single or multiple teeth implants.

It consists of titanium implants that are suitable for the human body acting as the root for the teeth. The titanium’s main function is to retain the fixture that will be incorporated into the base of your denture.

Retain the Jaw Bone with Implant Overdenture

Patients choose implant overdenture over conventional denture because

✅ Better retention ability

✅ Enhanced biting capability

✅ Prevents further bone loss

✅ Good adaptation 

Bring back the beauty and function of your teeth with Implant Overdenture

How Does Implant Overdenture Placed In The Teeth?

The titanium implant which might look like a screw or a cylinder is placed into your jaw. After two to six months, the implant and the bone integrated to form an anchor for the denture.

As a second part of the process, an extension (positioner abutment)  is attached to the uncovered implant. 6-8 weeks are needed to construct the overdenture after uncovering the implants.

While carefully going through the process, the result is a confident smile and denture that allows  you to eat and speak comfortably.

Please note: The results of treatment vary from patient to patient. Your own treatment may differ from that described here. Speak to your dentist for an explanation of what to expect and risks involved. 

Where To Undergo Implant Overdenture?

Manchester Dental Care clinic is one of the clinics under The Dental Care Group. It is located at 631 Bedok Reservoir Road #01-946, Singapore. 

Manchester Dental Clinic is headed by Dr. Khoo Huan Ding, a graduate of the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom. She completed her Master’s in General Dentistry training at the University of Hong Kong. This is where she also published her research on implant-supported dentures. Dr Khoo has been caring for patients in the UK, Hong Kong and now Singapore, both in private practice and hospital settings, and is well versed in treating patients of all ages, backgrounds and medical conditions.

Besides keeping up with the methods and technology when it comes to dentistry, Dr. Khoo is also Invisalign certified, trained in laser dentistry, and constantly better herself professionally with certified aesthetic and prosthetic courses.  

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