Orthodontics(Braces) can correct the misalignment of teeth to improve the appearance of the teeth, jaws and ultimately the smile. In fact, when teeth are not in the right place, they may cause major dental problems like tooth decay, gum diseases, chronic pain, speech defects and even functional deficiencies.

At what age should orthodontic treatment occur?

Youth orthodontics treatment can be started at any age: At the Dental Care Group, our kid friendly dentists are ready at any time to improve your smile! The majority of patients are going to be best treated once most of the permanent teeth are in place. It is important to provide treatment to correct problems before jaw growth has slowed, or these problems may lead to a need for surgery or extraction of teeth. Every patient is unique, and it’s always best to be evaluated by an us f a problem is detected by parents,

Would an adult patient benefit from orthodontics?

Orthodontic treatment can be beneficial at any age. When you have crooked teeth, or teeth with extensive crowding, periodontal disease is more prevalent because crooked and crowded teeth are hard to clean and maintain. Untreated, periodontal disease may result in bad breath, bleeding gums, loose teeth, and even tooth loss. Many adults choose low-profile or aesthetically pleasing treatment options such as clear braces or Invisalign.

Orthodontic treatment

How long will my orthodontic treatment take?
The average length of a traditional orthodontic treatment is 18 – 24 months, but each individual’s needs are unique and different. Although it is difficult to predict the exact duration of an orthodontic treatment to get straight teeth, it is possible to estimate an average treatment length for each individual situation.

How many types of braces are there?
The Dental Care Group offers 2 types of braces:

  • Metal braces: This is the most conventional use of braces that has not changed much over the years. They now causes less irritation to the gums and can be decorated with colourful elastics to look attractive in kids.
  • Invisalign/ Clear Aligner system: This is an alternative to braces and is made of plastic aligners that are invisible and typically straighten the misaligned teeth via few sets of plastic aligners.

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